Break Assist – App


This App is designed to be helpful to LGV drivers by reminding them that they are due a break from work under the Working Time Regulations. Under these regulations mobile workers need to have a break after 6 hours working. From my own experiance in a Transport Office drivers are sometimes destracted and forget to have a break when needed. Drivers Hours are easier to monitor as the vehicle Tachograph unit will show driving time done, WTD is not shown and therefore infringements occur.

Once set the App will remind the driver,

  • When they have 30min working time left.
  • When they then have 15min working time left.

There is also a section for taking breaks of either 15, 30 or 45min with alerts when they have been completed. It will also remind drivers to set the VU to Break Mode, as agian from experiance some drivers forget this and subsiquently have infringements due to Mode switch errors.

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